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"Opened the eyes for true life confronting death"

   "Opened the eyes for true lifedeath"

            confronting death    

                         [The Honorable Rich 2007]

      Interview with Kim Jun-Ho, chairman of JVM, a man with humanity


Daegu=Kim Ji-San | 07/16 09:37


Philip Kotler who is called 'Father of modern marketing', the professor in Kellogg business school in Northwestern University warns in his book 'good company will succeed' that any company will not survive without accomplishing social responsible management. Professor Kotler insists that company's social responsibility is not something good to do but thing must be done. He explained the relation between company that carries CSR and success and how to accomplish CSR.


Korean companies are in early stage of CSR (Corporate social responsibility), yet the more companies are participating and scope of their activity has been wider quickly. Samsung announced that they will return 800 billion won to society after bringing quite of controversy to public and KB donated 5 hundreds million won joining WESTART campaign for children in poverty.






















While we usually connect CSR with big corporations make large sales there's a company and businessman who is known not by the scale but their constant practicing of humanity. JVM (52,200 won 1,200 +2.4%) the company manufacturing auto medicine packaging machine and Chairman Kim Jun-Ho are they. JVM seems average listed manufacturing company made 34.8 billion won sales last year.

But at the same time JVM is incredible company made 10.4 billion won operating profit which is 30% operating income rate.


The company's main product is ATDPS, the automatic total system including from prescription input, assorting and packaging medicine to printing out information of the medicine on the packet. Dominating 86% of domestic market, having 27% market share in the world last year, JVM is the second leader in this business.


However, this profit scale is not what makes this company honorable indeed.


20 employees which are more than 10% of 190 total employees in the company are handicapped people.  I wondered why. Chairman Kim Jun-Ho says “When I was given a new chance to live after all the way to death, I started looking around and found what need to do.”

Diagnosed lung cancer after 10 years since he founded the company, he reached Christianity. Ever since then, practicing religion, managing company and volunteering work for handicapped people have been there all the time in his life. In that year he hired 15 handicapped people. He thought it's better to give them a chance to make their own living than just material supporting.



“Hiring handicapped people was challenging at the beginning. It was very limited for those people to do. Production line got slower, defectives came. Executives demanded to withdraw hiring policy for handicapped people. Chairman Kim tried to calm and mollify them insisting that handicapped employees will do better once they get used to it.  “Especially communicating with hearing-impaired people at work was not easy. It took about a year to be bound with them. I guess it was also time for handicapped people to connect themselves to the company.” Recollecting the early time of hiring handicapped people, says Chairman Kim Jun-Ho.



Fighting with cancer and becoming a Christian have changed rest of his life. Not only hiring the disabled but he also traveling world to help poor children with his own expense and to do his missionary work. He mainly supports to build education facilities or to avoid starvation. In case of Phnom Penh in Cambodia, it's been 10 years. He goes there to help children who are bared to disease, hunger and sometimes have to sell themselves to survive. As well as giving them food, he builds schools and supports teachers to educate children. He travels from Cambodia, Vietnam, Tajik, Philippine, Myanmar, Kenya to Russia, countries spreading over 26 different areas. He visits the areas 3 or 4 times in a year and carries on his mission expending 300~400 million won on support. He also visited slums in Philippine last year.

Expectation from the market to JVM a

























Chairman Kim Jun-Ho is the biggest share holder of JVM valued 320 billion won. He is a rich man with 39.3% of shares valued about 340 billion won. In addition, JVM is now developing the 3d generation machine Total Safety System evolved from the second generation ATDPS. JVM expect sales on 3d generation system form the second half of next year.

Expectation from the market to JVM as a top leader in the business is very high. As long as it goes well without any unexpected incidents, it looks like plain sailing for JVM to accelerate sales after investment on 3d generation system. So does his carrying humanity and generosity we believe.






2007 JVM Year End Party

2007 JVM Year End Party

On last December 21, 2007, over 260 employees, shareholders and guests of JVM attended and enjoyed 2007 JVM Year End Party held in Clavel Hall, Hotel Inter Bulgo, Deagu.


Starting with opening celebration of by men’s choir followed by the pastor's new years blessings for employees and guests of JVM, all the member of JVM raised a toast to another successful year for JVM positioning as a world leader in Pharmacy Automation business.


Also, videos about 'the most memorable event for 2007' and 'Ambition for 2008' and 'Thank you' speech made this event even more special. All together, the venue became exhilarated by a festive atmosphere celebrating JVM’s successful performance for 2007.


CEO & President, Jun Ho Kim appreciated all the members of JVM for their fanatical devotion to company’s success. Also, he asked continued cooperation and support of all staff members to align with vision for 2008, achieving successful positioning of new business and goal for this year and driving innovation.


During the second session of 2007 JVM Year End Party, "2007 JVM's best 7" Awards including awards for the best smile, the best dresser, the scariest looking staff, the most attended for the company outing, work longest, and the most wanted for travelmate entertained JVM’s family while having a banquet. With recreation time and dancing/singing/performance competition performed by 9 teams of senior management later on were another enjoyable moments to all in the Year End party.


Lastly, the 2007 JVM Year End Party successfully ended with the 'Thank You' candle ceremony, promising to make efforts to reposition JVM as the industry leader and deliver vision for 2008.



'Hold your patient for handicapped people'

'Hold your patient for handicapped




                     [The Honorable Rich 2007]
                   Interview with Kim Jun-Ho, Chairman of JVM



Daegu=Kim Ji-San | 07/16 09:39


Kim Jun-Ho, Chairman of JVM(52,200 won 1,200 +2.4%), is quite good with his hands. Poor childhood grew him to be a diligent and strong-willed businessman, who finally succeeded and shares his fortune with people in need. He has no particular reason. He only believes that it's obligation and responsibility as a businessman. It doesn't mean that businessman who makes some of fortune should spend some on society. He thinks that it's just things he's got to do. He's just like that.



“My father passed away when I was in middles school and my family's financial condition got worst. I did anything I can do as a student from a paper boy to what so ever. ”

He went to evening high school because he had to work during the day. He was delivering medicines form wholesalers. Mixing medicine, wrapping, everything was done by hands at that time. At this point he got the idea of mechanizing the process.


Since the company has founded, all the machines before the second generation HTDPS, are creatures born from Chairman Kim's fingers. His skillful hands made this possible.


Owner's inherent sense of a mechanic made the company profound in producing skills. This is how JVM maintain cost competitiveness as world top level. No surprise that this company can make high profit margin.


“To work with handicapped people, you got to be patient most of all. Not to mention, they aren't as skilful as normal people at first. But if you wait and work with them patiently, you'll know that they can do just as good as us.” says Chairman Kim.


He pointed out that Korean companies' lack of social contribution should be improved. “American companies accomplish their social responsibilities well and that make companies live long. We still have long way to go. Company can change only as this society gets mature.”



"Free your prejudice that we can't work as good as normal people"

"Free your prejudice that we can't work

         as good as normal people"

                         [The Honorable Rich 2007]
            Interview with Park Man-Won, handicapped employee in JVM




Daegu=Kim Ji-San | 07/16 09:41


“I'm so grateful to have a chance to work. I wish I can work through whole my life here, it was lucky to be able to work in JVM”


Says Park Man-Won(47), Tool manager in Production Dep. who's been working for the longest time in JVM as a handicapped employee.


He's been working since 1991. Without his 3d degree infantile paralysis, he is as bright as any healthy people. In 1991, when he got in this company, JVM was an ordinary company with nothing bad or good in particular. However, after Chairman Kim Jun-Ho handed over the reins to professional managers when his lung cancer got worse the company fell into crisis, because except for 7, almost all the 70 employees including professional manager left the company to make their own company. They planed to make money out of same items as JVM and skill of JVM. Eventually Chairman Kim came back to company and their company collapsed. They asked Chairman Kim to buy their company and Kim accepted it.


Park is one of the 7 employees who left at the end. He's very proud of working in JVM. He thinks that he's lucky to meet Chairman Kim.


“Prejudice that the handicapped can't work as normal people is the biggest obstacle for us to work. We can do best if fair environment let us do.”


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JVM...Dominating Europe and North American market with excellent technology

JVM...Dominating Europe and North American market with

                           excellent technology

2007-05-24  11:14


 “What on earth is the company, JVM?” Quite of investors has inquired on JVM since its stock price spurted up by foreign investors concentrated stock purchasing. The company which made their stock market debut last year June has 36.12% of foreign share holders in less than 1 year. Stock price started from 34,300 won early this year rose rapidly hitting new-high everyday up to 56,000 won on 23 of this month. 21

◆ Number 1 market share in North America and Europe



JVM, the company manufacturing automatic medicine packaging system made 34.8 billion won sales and 10.5 billion won operating profit last year which is 30% profit rate rarely in manufacturing business. The company expects 45 billion won sales and 13.5 billion won operating profit this year. This company's competitiveness is from leading technology based on patents.


As a number 1 market leader, the company has 56% and 35% market share in North America and Europe. In domestic market which was dominated by Japanese company by late 1990s, JVM has become exclusive market leader by 90% market share.


There are only 4 companies in the world manufacturing automatic medicine packaging machine including JVM. It's not easy for even with high resources company to enter this industry due to tough patent barriers.


JVM have 142 patents at home and abroad and 85 patents are being applied for now.

Chairman Kim Jun-Ho says “Sued 18 times for infringement of the patents by Japanese companies during early of the business I realized how important paten is”


JVM is also out standing by its strong and steady profits.


Last year, 5.4 billion won of 7.2 billion won administrative expense was covered by non-operating profit from exchange control. Stable operating profit has made it possible to reserve 58 billion won current assets. The company's planning to raise dividend rate sharply with accumulated cash.


◆ The first year of saturating Japanese market


JVM targets Japanese market this year. The world automatic medicine packaging machine

industry market is shared by JVM (the 2nd market share), YUAMA (1ST), TOSHO (3) and SANYO (4th). Japanese companies are mostly leading the industry.


In Japan all hospitals and pharmacies have changed to auto-packaging system, as a single market, Japan is the world biggest market in this business. Therefore it is obvious that it's hard to be the world number 1 without winning Japanese market and now the company is selecting a large local distributor. The company says, “Japanese market is quite conservative yet we still have a good chance as we are dominating market leader in North America and Europe already.”


RTSS, the company's new developing project will be the super engine leads to future of JVM. It is total managing solution including tracking medicine, inventory control and special medicine care and will be out in the market next year.


Researcher Oh Eung-Jae from Hyundai Securities says, “We expect 18.7% and 22.4% of average annual sales and operating profit growth rate by 2009. We need to focus on long term growth rather than recent spurting in short period.  36


By Kim Hyung-Ho : chsan@hankyung.com


The 13th Spring Academic Congress of The Korean Society of Health-System Pharmacists.

The 13th Spring Academic Congress of The Korean Society of Health-System Pharmacists.


The 13th Spring Academic Congress of The Korean Society of Health-System Pharmacists was held in COEX convention Auditorium on June 2nd(Sat), 2007, and 1,300 pharmacists attended the Congress.


JVM Co.,Ltd. exhibited 4 different models including JV-330 at left side of the front gate booth, and many hospital pharmacists showed their big interest in the systems.



JVM invests 3.57 Billion Won in building new manufacturing facilities
 JVM invests 3.57 Billion Won in building new manufacturing facilities


Reporters - Lee Hak-Ryul / 07/07, 14:52


JVM has decided to invest 3.57 billion won in building the second manufacturing facilities, announced on July 7th.


JVM explained that it’s the decision to cope with potential demands on being expanded business connections and the quantity of supplies.



The 12th Spring Academic Conference by The Korean Society of Health-System Pharmacists

The 12th Spring Academic Conference by The Korean Society of Health-System Pharmacists was held at 1, 2 floors of STEC(Seoul Trade Exhibition & Convention) Convention Center on Saturday, June 17, 2006, which Pharmacists about 1,300 were presented at.

It was displayed 6 kinds of Packaging system in addition to ’06 new model ATDPS at JVM booth where was located at the entrance of the main pavilion, and Pharmacists showed highly interest in.

JVM had a valuable time to introduce new model, having communications with many pharmacists in person. JVM will show better exhibition at the Autumn Academic Conference based on this experience.






JVM family gathered to cheer for the 2006 worldcup!!!

We had invited our employees and their families to our company for the special event of 2006 worldcup cheering on June 13. With 400 JVM families gathered, this event was held as a part of an effort to keep our family-oriented management.

Executives including President Kim welcomed JVM employees and their families with warmth for JVM’s first family inviting ceremony. All visitors were provided with red T-shirt and cheering device and children were having fun with worldcup characters. Also, putting on face painting and a hairlace with lighting red horns in the dark was highly elated the atmosphere with soccer fever.

At the greetings, President Kim appreciated his employee’s dedications and the family’s generous support which lead JVM toward into fast yet stable growth each year. Furthermore, he prospected that JVM will take a leap into greater company for the new vision with continuous dedications of all the executives and the employees.

At the first part of this event, there was a toast for JVM’s growth into international company as well as explaining company’s vision to leap. The theme of second part was ‘family unity’ and continued by JVM family’s amateur singing and dancing contest. There was cheerleading performance followed by firework show and JVM family’s cheering for South Korean players while watching the match.

Throughout this event, all the JVM family became banded together by cheering South Korea for the 2006 worldcup. With high participation and a sense of order, this event was successfully finished and victory over Togo made this event more enjoyable and exciting.

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